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Welcome to The City Resident

The City Resident offers co-living in hotels and offices.
Together with four launching hotels and offices in Amsterdam we will change the way hotels and offices are used.

Are you looking for a place in Amsterdam to stay between 1 and 6 months without any hassle?

  • Extremely flexible - for when you need something temporary
  • Daily access to all hotel and office amenities - pool, gym, roomservice, housekeeping, restaurants, breakfast, you name it
  • Special-made services: Cooking solutions, shared living room, pop-up cinema, pub-quiz, etc.
  • All-in - monthly all-in rate, including electricity, internet, cleaning, the gym and a selection of events.
  • Easy – as easy as booking a hotel room. Bring your luggage, check-in and you’re all set
  • No commitments - Reduce the barrier to live in Amsterdam for just a few months

Every hotel and office has something special to offer. Check out the hotels and offices above and let us know your choice!

What drives us:

The City Resident is founded by D/DOCK, an Amsterdam-based concept & design studio. Together with a team of Amsterdam entrepreneurs, we activate hotels and offices as places for transitional stay.
Transitional stay is co-living in hotels and offices. This means it’s still a hotel or office, but guests stay a bit longer against interesting monthly rates with added spaces and services.

Hotel rooms are the bedrooms and the common area’s become shared living rooms.

We believe the years ahead will be all about using space in a different way. International business travel will be limited and the demand for affordable and high-quality housing will stay high. At the same time, we live in an era of flexibility. No longer do we want to commit to impossible contracts that bind us for years. These three things made us decide to launch The City Resident: a platform that unlocks hotels and offices as transitional space.

Social & Environmental Return

Why build additional infrastructure in today’s environmental conscience world? If we avoid buildings being un-used, in the end nature will benefit. At the same time, we help people that are unable to find an affordable place.

Obviously, we also have a financial model. Hotels and offices pay us a margin that we use to pay for our own costs such as design, IT, testing, legal, financial and marketing. And OK, also for the occasional company party.

Smart Questions:

Why would I stay in hotels or offices for a few months?

It's simple: you get to enjoy the luxury of hotels and offices, but then for a few months.
As a guest, your daily life is filled with gyms, pools, bars, restaurants, workspace, room-service, housekeeping, you name it. But that is not all, The City Residents get some truly special benefits that differ per hotel or office. For instance a shared living room to chill, shared cooking facilities, pop-up cinema’s, karaoke & pubquiz nights, cooking lessons from the head-chef, and many other things we are currently working on.

Do the rooms have kitchens?

No they don’t. But not to worry, we came up with a creative solution for that: a hybrid model. Sometimes you will order in the restaurant of the hotel or office, the other day you use the shared cooking facilities and sometimes you might go out for dinner. Whatever you feel like.

Am I living in a hotel or staying as a guest?

You are staying as a guest. Nothing changes there. It is a normal hotel reservation, just for a bit longer.

What are the costs?

Hotels and offices are free to decide on their monthly rates, but average pricing ranges from €825 to €1.850 per month, including electricity, water, internet, cleaning, gym and a selection of events. Check out your preferred hotel or office for exact pricing.

Can you register at the municipality?

This differs per location. At most locations you are allowed to, and sometimes you are obliged to.
Check out the hotel or office of your choice to know more about that.

Tourist tax will be added to the base rent if you are not registered. In Amsterdam that is a one-time fee of €63 + 7% of monthly base rent.

Why can’t I see the name of the location?

The simple and honest reason is that we are a start-up and want to make sure all first encounters run via us. But as soon as you contact us, we are happy to inform you about the locations you can choose.

Can I book for 2 people in one room?

That differs per hotel or office. Some locations might add some costs for a second person. Check the location of your choice to know more.

Are pets allowed?

No, sorry – no pets allowed. But if you have a giraffe, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Your question missing?

We are happy to answer any other questions you might have. Just send us an email at info@thecityresident.com And if your question is smart enough, we might even add your question to this list of Smart Questions.

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